No strings attached relationship escort review Victoria

no strings attached relationship escort review Victoria

While it ends HFN we are left with a lot of unanswered questions. Will Leah and Jagger be able to make something work long term? Can Leah deal with his profession? Will Jagger stop being an escort and devote himself to his photography full time? Will news of his job spread and how will Jagger and Leah deal with the fallout? I'm looking forward to answers to these questions in book two which I hope will be out soon!

Jul 18, Candice Montgomery rated it it was amazing. The main character in this book, Leah, is the divorced single mother of a teen. She's a woman in her thirties--mid to upper if I'm not mistaken. The main character struggled with technology and modern references and didn't always know how to connect with her teenage daughter. That's how A LOT of parent-child relationships go. I appreciated this book for that. The romance between Leah and Jagger was terribly sweet.

Kristen nails love on the page the way so many authors can't seem to. To make these two characters seem real, to give them a love story that transcends "The End" and stays with you well past the point of completion.

Can't wait for y'all to read this one. I am in a mood for an escort book so I picked this one up. Sounded so good, but it failed for me. The writing style is not for me. Too much detail about everything. I don't care that the heroine picked her favorite bar to meet the hero because it "made the best sangria in the DC metro area.

Awkward verbiage and other unbelievable things made me unable to believe that the romance between the hero and he I am in a mood for an escort book so I picked this one up. Awkward verbiage and other unbelievable things made me unable to believe that the romance between the hero and heroine would work.

I also did not care for the BFF Kari. Why are the BFFs always slutty?!?!? This may work for you, but did not work for me. These are my opinions. View all 4 comments. Oct 20, Red Cheeks Reads rated it liked it. I must admit, I was a bit nervous going in to this one, but I liked the idea even if the notion of him being an escort — and the infidelity that implies — made me uneasy.

The first third of the book pleasantly surprised me, so I settled in and soldiered on. But there is more to this man, a side that he allows very few to see, and certainly not his clients. But then along came Leah, and she turned out to be somewhat of a game changer for him. It is, however, something he feels that he has to do in order to earn the seed money for his dream. Something I could call my own and be proud of. No way can she go back there without one. Her best friend treats her to a date with an escort.

Leah chooses Jagger, and their first date is scheduled. The attraction they feel is for each other is very real, and for the first time ever, Jagger finds himself crossing all kinds of boundaries with a client. Sweet, messy, and totally inappropriate. Leah runs off from this confrontation without a word and completely devastated by his hurtful comments.

Jagger swoops in whisking Leah back to the room for a seriously sexy photo shoot that leaves him weak in the knees. They both leave broken hearted. They plan another meet up for after the holidays because Jagger is booked through the escort agency through Christmas. But, unbeknownst to them, someone truly nasty has figured out their secret.

Through the first third of the book, I was enjoying their banter, their attraction and how sexy they were together. The storyline advancement was a bit slow, and the author seemed to focus a bit more on describing the minute details around the couple than she did the couple themselves, their budding relationship or the storyline itself.

But nothing came of it. She blurted out a semi-dramatic one-line response, turned on her heel and left. I wanted more of a confrontation with her ass of an ex; instead Leah came off as a totally weak, cowering doormat. What bothered me most, however, was that I was fully unprepared for the very, very sketchy, barely there happy-for-now ending.

After the party scene, the story continued to drag on, but then very abruptly and suddenly ended on that HFN note. Now, my kindle told me I was coming to the end, but there was ample time to tie it up with a slightly more fleshed out ending.

I can handle a HFN when it is more developed and defined. This HFN, though… well I was left mostly assuming they were going to move forward in pursuit of a relationship. Couple that with the way that Leah just took all that verbal abuse from her ex with little to no response, while she was the one wronged by him and claims to be re-inventing herself as a strong, confident, successful woman?

The writing was good, it was well proofed and edited, and the author was very descriptive in the background details. But for me, this was a so-so read that ultimately left me a bit frustrated and disappointed. Not an epic fail or a DNF, just not quite sated or happy. First thing that got my attention is that this is a book about two mature adults who's lives are successful, but they're not perfect. They're both still missing something to complete them, to make them whole.

When it comes to Leah, I loved how real she was, specially with her teenager and the struggles that come with dealing with a child her age. It was heartwarming and heartbreaking at times, but look back and remember those times in your life and I imagine that's the way my parents felt at one First thing that got my attention is that this is a book about two mature adults who's lives are successful, but they're not perfect. It was heartwarming and heartbreaking at times, but look back and remember those times in your life and I imagine that's the way my parents felt at one point or another.

This woman inspired respect, after getting over a nasty relationship with a self absorb jerk, she built her life from nothing and became successful.

And although she enjoys her professional success, her personal life is lacking, that's the reason why she decides to take an unconventional path when it comes to bringing a partner to her high school reunion. Jagger is successful at what he does, but he has bigger dreams and needs the money to help make his dreams come true. He's a sweet and honorable man who is just doing what he can in order to keep moving forward. Once Leah and Jagger meet their chemistry is electrifying, they understand each other, they complement each other.

They also add a very healthy splash of sexiness to the storyline. I love the writing style of the author and the flow of the story. Not only are the two main characters well developed, but you will love and definitely hate some of the secondary characters.

This one was one book that I devoured in one sitting. This is a book with two characters in a journey of self discovery and self fulfillment, a book well worth the reading. Aug 01, JL Roberts rated it it was amazing Shelves: No Strings Attached The Escort 1 was a great read. Leah Godfrey is amazing! After her husband cheats on her she completely turns her life around. She moves her and her daughter far away from their tiny little home town, she starts her own business and turns it into a success.

Just around the corner is her twentieth high school reunion and she refuses to go because the cheating ex will be there right along with the whore he cheated with, but her bestie recommends her hiring a date to escort her to their reunion. Jagger Holiday not only has a sexy name, but everything about Jagger is sexy, and when Leah meets him it's not just his looks that draws her in.

He's sexy, smart, and is willing to help her out and go to the reunion with her and play the dutiful boyfriend. He's good, but he's paid to be, right? The two hit it off from the start and it's all supposed to be a job for Jagger and a way for Leah to show everyone that she is successful in all aspects of her life, but the two are so attracted to each other that when it's all over they still can't seem to stay away from one another.

Other than the fact that they live in different states, the fact that Jagger is a male escort, they at least know they want to be with each other. I can't wait for book two to see where Jagger and Leah end up. This book was so much story on a small scale which was great. If offered me all of the delicious sexy swoon worthiness, packaged in an easy to read book. The story line was genuine and carefree which made reading this book so much fun.

It was exactly what I needed!! They had shared interests and common ground which made one weekend that was supposed to make Leah's life more bare able, turn into lust at first site. She wanted the fantasy and he wanted a little normalcy and when they got together hot and sexy conspired leaving them both completely satisfied!

This book was an easy read and offered little angst which made me super excited to finish. The story was great and had continuous flow which made character development and sequence fantastic. I recommend is book for its ease and comfortability splashed with a side of sexy.

Oct 11, Danielle rated it liked it. Red Cheeks Reads blog: Too Mills and Boon- ish for my liking. Jul 29, Kristiej rated it really liked it. I read this one a while ago but just getting around to adding it now - have to make that goal I set.

I think I already have but I just haven't been adding the books. The plan was to review every one I read but that has proven impossible. So all I can add are my rather nebulous thoughts since I've read so many books since this one and the next two in the series. For some odd reason I have a liking for stories where the hero is in the "adult entertainment" business so when I saw this one a book tha I read this one a while ago but just getting around to adding it now - have to make that goal I set.

For some odd reason I have a liking for stories where the hero is in the "adult entertainment" business so when I saw this one a book that fits into this category I was sold.

And I liked it quite a bit. Who hasn't fantasized about showing up at a reunion or some other event where you see people from your past with a Very Good Looking guy on your arm? This is the theme of this book. Our heroine Leah has something to prove when she attends her reunion so she hires professional escort Jagger Holiday.

They hit things off on an even deeper level. Though it would seem to be on the outside that Jagger has it all, being a gigolo is actually a lonely and soul sucking way to make a living.

Jagger also loves photography but doesn't feel he can make a living at it. But when he begins to confide in Leah, his life slowly starts to change and a real love story begins between these two. Jan 27, Liz rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. I got a copy of this book free through BookBub. I had not read this author previously. I liked the heroine in this story. There was some good humor though out too. Honestly, it grossed me out a little. Wow What a great book. It was at turns poignant, funny and sweet. I really liked how Jagger and Leahy worked so hard to respect each other's boundaries and life choices, even the ones they didn't agree with.

The book was well written with no errors that I saw. The characters were engaging and interesting and the plot was not surprising, but moved well. The pacing was on point and if I didn't want to read the next book, this one ends at a good place. But I do want to read the next book to see what Wow What a great book. But I do want to read the next book to see what challenges they will face and how they overcome the obstacles set up in this book.

Such an Unexpected Treat!!! I went into this book completely blind. I'd never heard of the author or read any of her other books, but this book was on sale for free so I figured why not?! I'm so glad I took that chance! Jagger is a sexy, long haired escort that Leah hires to take to her highschool reunion.

Little does she know, that they would both step away from the weekend wanting so much more!! This book was funny, sexy, sweet, and swoon worthy all rolled into one beautiful sto Such an Unexpected Treat!!!

This book was funny, sexy, sweet, and swoon worthy all rolled into one beautiful story. You're my monthly 'treat' to myself, and seeing you keeps my life in balance. Keep smiling my sexy man! And much cheekier than a 'normal' massage. Definitely seeing you again when I can. I can't begin to say how thankful I am that I've met him.

When I first decided to look for a male escort, I had no idea what I was looking for. When I found Leo, I knew. I found you but I wasn't sure I could be intimate as I have been hurt in the past, sexually. And decided to see a male escort, and saw the wrong one: His complete lack of professionalism made me lose confidence in myself, and in my decisions.

But, I decided to try again. Good thing I did, because I found you Leo. I'm not going to say I love you, because you might not let me see you again. But I really like you, a lot. I know I don't love you, so don't worry. But I know you've helped me so much, and I'm forever grateful. But I know you're only mine for the time I book you Which is amazing time!

Time and money well spent. Leo you bring brightness to my life, pleasure to my body, and magic to my soul. A true gentleman, who is blessed with knowing exactly how to please a woman, from go to O. Can't wait to see you again in three weeks! Totally booking you again love doctor! When I first started looking for a male escort I too had no idea what I was looking for.. I wasn't seeing the things in the males profiles that I was wanting but then I came across Leo, and it took me a while but I eventually got in contact with him..

And I was a little hesitant due to personal reasons and insecurities and also being a virgin!! But he took it all in and was so gentle, sensitive, loving and ever so patient with me, that all my insecurities just disappeared.. I have to say meeting and being with Leo was the best decision I have ever made, I wouldn't change a thing He is perfect for me , and was just what I was looking for!! Leo has changed me and enriched my life more than anything, I couldn't have found a more perfect escort!!

I can never thank him enough for what he has done, he is one very special guy!! I don't have the time to 'date' - nor would I want to! I've had some crappy date sex in the past. And met a few weirdos. Being a busy woman, I had a bit of an 'intimacy void' in my life A void which Leo has filled amazingly well!

I don't know how he puts up with me, but he makes my life wonderful. I don't think I could ever find a better lover! I'd say at least 50 stars You're a true blessing Leo. Keep up the good work! He is easy on the eye and knows how to please. She loves seeing you each month, you've definitely got something that I haven't got.

As well as that huge cock. Anyway, it makes her happy, so it makes me happy too. Happy wife makes for a happy life, 'ey? Not something I'd tell my mates of course! So thanks for always being so discreet. You definitely have a magic touch.

It was so good to meet you on Friday Leo, and I can't wait to see you next month! Then some things in my life changed, and I got curious. I was nervous, but Leo put me at ease right away! I can't explain how good I feel now! I did it, I got in touch with Leo, and, well, the rest is history! You are a miracle worker. I didn't think I could kiss anyone ever again, or even let anyone touch me, let alone have sex. Leo has been so professional and so kind in reawakening my faith in people, and in letting me slowly explore touch, sensuality, and sex.

Where once I shuddered at the thought of anyone ever touching me, now I look forward to my sessions with Leo, with anticipation and excitedness! He has made me a new woman. A stronger woman, a sexy woman. Leo has made me love being alive. I thought your photos looked amazing, but you look so much better in real life!

And the way you feel inside me Leo you should write on your profile 'Warning, Addictive! Though I wouldn't have it any other way! You make me feel so good about myself, and I love seeing you every month Xxxx. I have left you a review on your Scarlet Blue profile as well Xxxx".

I have seen quite a few male escorts, and some of them are unbelievably unprofessional. One in particular left me feeling so upset with my decision to see him. Though Leo is amazing and incredible in every way!!!

I definitely don't need, or want, to see any others - I've finally found my male escort. Thankyou so much Leo".



: No strings attached relationship escort review Victoria

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